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We’re both moms, we are both business owners, and are Republicans fighting hard to get a Conservative voice in Santa Cruz County. We are grateful to have a platform that will let us support business, families and moral values.

Please join us on the air while we let you know what is happening around here and how you can help. We can’t afford to be silent any longer. Our freedom is under attack. One party rule isn’t working. Given the blatant censorship, the power grab by our government and the fact that criminals have more rights than their victims, it appears we have more in common with Communist China than we should.

We believe in common sense and the fact that most people have more in common than we do different. We’re constantly being divided because that makes our country weak. It’s time to unite under one great flag and speak out against all of the injustice being done to our freedom.

Join us as we head out on this radio adventure!